Market opportunity

Only 17 per cent of all Kenyans are covered by health insurance and coverage of the poorest quintile remains extremely low at 2.9 per cent. Informal sector workers are particularly unlikely to buy health insurance, mainly because of cost and complicated registration procedures. There is thus a great need to provide appropriate low-cost insurance products that this segment can easily access.

The pilot venture

IFA has designed a unique micro-health insurance product (AfyaPoa) that takes care of both inpatient and outpatient needs. The product will go beyond just financing healthcare by ensuring that health insurance clients and medical service providers have easy access to quality and affordable care through the offering of telemedicine services. The project seeks to upgrade IFA's existing health-insurance management software to include a mobile app to facilitate telemedicine activities allowing members to interact directly with a doctor either through a live SMS chat or a voice call. An updated Hospital Management Information System will allow the capture and maintenance of more comprehensive electronic medical records (EMR) for patients.

Partnership details


Company in-country


Insurance for All

Partner(s) in India




Connect Partnership

Elodie Brandamir


Company contact

John Paul Otieno

The partnership

IFA was incorporated in Kenya in 2014 and is focused on serving the needs of workers in the informal sector. It specialises in the design and distribution of various micro insurance products for the mass market. AOSTA was founded in India in 1999 by a team of doctors and visionaries in the healthcare business to create world class hospital management systems and other healthcare solutions that would improve healthcare delivery and enhance care to patients. Today, AOSTA is a leading healthcare brand with a special focus on services like cloud enabled HIS platforms, telemedicine systems etc.

The parties have agreed a one-year partnership where AOSTA is a technical partner to IFA. The long-term vision of the partners is to jointly form a technology company that will continuously innovate around the AfyaPoa product allowing for more efficient processes and a more pleasant and satisfying user experience. It is the partners’ joint intention to grow the company’s operations beyond Kenya into other African countries.


The pilot innovation is the introduction of digital innovation, telemedicine and a Health Management Information system, to the micro-health insurance market in Kenya, reaching out to the poorly served Jua Kali (informal business) community.

Development impact

By providing health insurance to the poorest communities through the provision of affordable ealth care,the pilot aims to fill a gap in access to care and the inequitable distribution of medical personnel and facilities.

How is Connect to Grow supporting this venture?

A grant of up to $40,000: This is to support Insurance For All in partnership activities.

Technical Assistance: May be drawn upon in areas relating to e-technology.

Partnership Manager: A member of the Connect to Grow team supports throughout the pilot, working to monitor the pilot activities, troubleshoot problems, and broker suitable solutions with the Indian partners.