• Point of care diagnostics for infectious and non communicable diseases that are prevalent in sub Saharan Africa

  • Multiplex diagnostics for differential identification of commonly presenting ailments or closely related pathogens

  • Innovative medical devices of class 1 and 2 that are designed for use in poor resource setting health systems

  • Point of use water treatment/access to clean water and sanitation (hardware based innovations)

  • Off-grid, cold chain delivery solutions for vaccines, diagnostics etc (hardware based innovations)

  • Health/wellness related wearables

  • Hardware based health innovations that leverage internet of things for improved quality of healthcare or big data applications


Let us help you build your idea/innovation so that you can impact more lives. We at Villgro Kenya are working to inspire a new wave of innovative thinking towards the deep-rooted health challenges in Africa, through social entrepreneurship and impact investment

Our Incubation Program offers:

  • High-touch mentorship from industry experts, each enterprise is paired with a seasoned entrepreneur or business professional who provides strategic and business support

  • Guidance on all necessary aspects to grow your business from building a strong business plan to becoming investment ready

  • Support for regulatory approval for product launch

  • Access to networks that can provide seed funding opportunities

  • Access to industry experts and stakeholders for product development and market knowledge; and downstream investors

  • Intellectual property and business strategy

  • You are an entrepreneur/researcher looking to build a for-profit scalable business

  • You want to create large impact in East-Africa

  • You are creating solutions through innovation

Villgro Kenya is an early stage incubator that seeks to support startups with a global health impact in East Africa. Working at the interface of science and industry, Villgro Kenya is  pioneering social entrepreneurship in healthcare and life sciences in East Africa. The Villgro Kenya team has over 15 years of experience in R&D/academia and entrepreneurship in the region that is relevant to healthcare and life sciences technology commercialization.  Our partnerships and networks span across the R&D, commercialization and funding pipeline to leverage local and foreign investments for global health impact in the region.