We are excited to announce the 6th Edition of the E4I Challenge-Health Novelty, to be held on July 22nd, 2016 at Tangaza University College. The Challenge is a special opportunity to engage the most creative minds in public health, medicine and technology, and explore ideas to solve the most pressing challenges in healthcare.

The challenge is an occasion for the final round candidates to pitch their business ideas or models in front of a jury composed of investors, Banks, business advisory providers, incubators, lead entrepreneurs and members of the academia to demonstrate the viability of their idea/ business model, innovation, scalability, strength of the entrepreneurial team and the social impact of the enterprise.

The competition will challenge you to stretch your thinking boundaries. The impact entrepreneurs in this field are building innovation hubs in the region, crowdsourcing humanitarian response, driving policy and using innovative technology to drive health service delivery. They are rethinking malaria prevention, or building medical devices out of broken toys and using boats, motorcycles, and mobile phones to provide health care. They are using film and photography to change mindsets, visualizing data to make people pay attention, and sharing their ideas, and designs to achieve great milestones in healthcare.

Put differently, it is a regional challenge of unparalleled diversity where innovators present original solutions to the most pressing local and global healthcare challenges.

Other than the Health care focus, the overall E4I Challenge will be clustered into five more categories: Agribusiness, ICT & Mobile Tech, Green energy & Waste management, Education & Training and Business Services.

E4I Challenge-Health Novelty appeals to a broad target audience including: Early-stage start-ups, health care entrepreneurs, Venture-funds, Health sector experts, Physicians, Hospitals, Healthcare insurance companies, Foundations, Non-profits, medical and Public Health Students.

E4I Challenge-Health Novelty Prize: The overall winner of the Challenge will win a full scholarship worth Kshs 420,000 for the E4Impact MBA at Tangaza, Incubation space at Villgro Kenya for the top 2 health finalists and Prize money award for the top 3 finalists by CFH.

Practical Information: Innovators are invited to register at: http://capacitiesforhealth.org/index.php/what-we-do/the-novelty.

Deadline being June 29th, 2016

If you would wish to attend this event as a participant register at https://the2016healthcarenovelty.eventbrite.com. Only 150 spots are available and registration will close soon as this number is reached.

About Tangaza University College:

Tangaza University College, a constitute college of the Catholic University of Eastern Africa is an institution of higher learning fully committed to high academic excellence with a strong praxis on Social Transformation. Through its entrepreneurship program in social entrepreneurship it is changing the education landscape in Kenya by training impact entrepreneurs with a triple bottom line: social, environmental and financial sustainability thus providing the much needed jobs to Kenyan youths and women. Learn more at www.tangaza.org

About E4Impact Foundation:

E4Impact Foundation, launched in 2015 by Securfin, Mapei, Salini-Impregilo, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and the Association Always Africa, has the objective of enhancing the sustainable development of fast growing economies by supporting the training of impact entrepreneurs and their businesses. Learn more at www.e4impact.org

About Vilgro Kenya:

Villgro Kenya is inspiring a new wave of innovative thinking to the deep rooted global health challenges in Africa. A franchise of Villgro Innovations Foundation that has supported over 100 invention-based entrepreneurs to create over 1000 jobs and impact over 6.8 million people in rural India through innovation, Villgro Kenya is bringing global health innovations to market through impact funding and social entrepreneurship interventions for market-led and sustainable health impacts in Kenya and the East African Community bloc.

Working at the interface of science and industry, Villgro Kenya brings over 30 years worth of experience in R&D/academia and entrepreneurship in the region that is relevant to global health technology development and go-to market strategies. Our partnerships and networks span across the product development, commercialization and scale to leverage local and foreign investments for global health impact in the region. Villgro Kenya is supported by the Lemelson Foundation. Learn more at: www.villgrokenya.or.ke

About Capacities for Health:

Capacities for Health exist to tackle healthcare challenges in Africa through Trainings, Medical Placements, Innovations, and knowledge generation. Learn more at: www.capacitiesforhealth.org