James Creel (ASME ISHOW), Isaac Senu Sesi (Sesi Technologies), Peter O'Hara Adu (Sesi Technologies), Dr. Robert Karanja (Villgro Kenya)
ISHOW Kenya 2019 named GrainMate by Sesi technologies, Multicrop Thresher by SAYe Tech and Maziwa Plus Pre-Chiller by Savanna Circuit Tech as the winners of the annual innovative hardware competition from a pool of nine finalists.
GrainMate by Sesi technologies, is a low-cost grain moisture tester that helps grain farmers reduce post-harvest losses by making it easy for them to accurately measure their grain moisture content before storage. At $100, GrainMate Grain Moisture Meter is over four times cheaper than conventional grain moisture meters on the market while offering superior accuracy.
SAYeTECH produces multi-crop threshers that use business model innovation to enhance food security and empower the poor. Their two main objectives are to reduce grain waste and empower grain farmers with the multi-thresher, which can reduce post-harvest losses by up to 30%, providing enough food to feed Africa’s growing population. The multi-crop thresher will also increase income of smallholder farmers - especially women - by up to 50% every year.
MaziwaPlus Pre-Chiller, previously known as MaziwaPlus Cooling Systems, is a mobile solar powered chilling on transit system that can be mounted on motorbikes for producers and dairy cooperatives for quality control, traceability, and maximized profits. Developed in response to milk post-harvest losses due to lack of affordable cooling infrastructure for highly perishable milk that is transported over great distances in rural Kenya.
ASME is global network of engineers, makers, dreamers, designers, investors and entrepreneurs focused on the design & engineering journey of taking physical products to market. The ASME Innovation showcase (ISHOW) is a global competition for hardware led ventures with events in Africa, India and the USA. The winners will receive $500, 000 cash prize bundled with design and engineering support.
Visit www.asmeishow.org  to learn more about all the winners and finalists.